Marie Favereau

M FavereauMarie Favereau specialises in early modern Islamic history with a focus on the Golden Horde. Her research interests cover the Black Sea, the Crimea and the Volga-Ural region. In her current project, she investigates the ways nomads developed specific institutions to rule and control, and their methods to persuade other populations to accept their sovereignty, pay taxes and trade. She has particular interest in all forms of agreements involving nomadic elite and sedentary communities (treaties, letters, commercial contracts, coins).

Within the framework of the Nomadic Empires Project, she is working on a monograph entitled When Nomads Make History: The Golden Horde and the Ulus System, which examines the economic system that grew and flourished under the Jöchid khans. Drawing on a wide range of historical and archaeological evidence, the monograph aims first to consider this empire on its own cultural terms and, second, to reintroduce the political factors and dynamics at work within the pastoral economy, frequently overlooked in academic literature.

Selected Publications

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